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Clinical Outpatient Service

Mainly the type of service provided in this unit is “outpatient” by its nature. Where client attends sessions for few times a week (depending on the nature & severity of the problem). Sessions are 45-50 minutes long.

School-Based Program

This program is also developed with aim of providing quality service for children with different neuro-developmental disorders (e.g. Autism/ASD) who are enrolled in inclusive education program.

Home-Based Program

This is similar with our school program but in different setting. This program is mainly developed to provide convenient and quality service especially for children with special needs such as Autism/ASD. 

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Our Services

Our Special Services For You

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Pediatric & Adolescent Care

You can have access to various types specialized diagnostic and non-diagnostic/problem focused assessments and therapies for your child.

Assessment & Testing

Personality testing ,Cognitive assessments,Sensory integration assessments,Developmental milestone assessments and Speech language assessments.

Adult Mental Health & Psychotherapy Care

In this unit you will have access to quality adult mental health services from our specialists and group.

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Frequently Asked Question ?

What types of counseling & psychotherapy are offered at this center for Adult?
ABA Therapy - Speech Therapy - Sensory based therapies
What types of counseling & psychotherapy are offered at this center for Pedatrics?
-ABA Therapy - Speech Therapy - Sensory based therapies e.t.c
How long does each therapy session last?

45-60 minutes.

How often should I attend therapy sessions?
Depends on the progress & the stage you are at but not exceeding 1-2 sessions a week.
What qualifications do your therapists have?
- They are all licensed clinical & counseling psychologists - Psychiatrists
Is everything I say confidential?
YES, you will also have a signed contact confidentiality agreement.
How do I make an appointment for therapy?
Call us on +251 989737372