About Us

”Abrhot Psychological Services” is an indigenous Private Limited Company.

Abrhot is originally a Ge’ez, Amharic and Tigrigna word that, among others, signifies “looking at the future with optimism.”

The foundations of the organization were established by a group of young Ethiopian psychologists who were eager to see change in psychological practices in the country, especially in the quality of services delivered.

This initiative is also the product of a common desire to include and cultivate indigenous knowledge in psychological practice.



Abrhot Psychological Servicesenvisions a society where individuals lead a life where they can demonstrate the best of their potential and are psychologically resilient.


To improve the quality of life of the community through accurate assessment, diagnosis and tailor-made treatment;

To enhance understanding of various psychological and psychopathological issues of the Ethiopian psyche through research and various partnerships.

Our Values

Trust, confidentiality, hope, love, responsibility, empathy, optimism, integrity, change, commitment, collaboration, creativity, achievement and professionalism.

Service Quality

Abrhot psychological services established with the mission of improving the quality of mental health service in the country therefore we has endowed itself with well-trained, ethically sensitive and responsible staff with up-to-date knowledge on their areas of specialties. All our front-line clinicians are holders of MA degree-minimum- in different specialty subfields of psychology with significant years of experience in mental health services. All our clinicians have worked in the few and the best specialized mental health institutions in Ethiopia as well as outside of Ethiopia. Not only in clinical practice, most of our clinicians also has experience of teaching psychology in the top universities throughout the country. In addition, some of clinicians have a big deal of experience in conducting national level psychological, psycho-social and educational researches for a number of local and international organizations-both government and non-government.

Service Quality Management System

Abrhot psychological services is committed to providing positive customer service to clients that seek our services. In order to achieve high level of client satisfaction, our quality of service is regularly assessed by the “Service quality management team (SQMT)”. The SQMT updates and solidifies our existing standards and procedures based on feedback collected from our clients in individual and organization level. Alongside updating and solidifying our existing standards and procedures, the team also works makes sure that our standards and procedures are highly linked to the local context without compromising international standards.

ASPC uses the following procedure to manage service quality:

  •     Professional development program for clinicians and management personnel,
  •     Client satisfaction/feedback protocol,
  •     Compliant and grievance process,
  •     Peer review, and Document review